Armstrong Residence

Contractor/Designer: Grizzly Construction Services2010_Awards pg 12.1
(a division of Tooz Construction, Inc.)
Concrete Supplier: Dickinson Ready Mix

The Mike and Connie Armstrong residence is located on Palm Beach Road, in a sub-division located within an oxbow of the Heart River, featuring abundant natural beauty in the bluffs that surround that part of the city. When it came time to update their landscaping, the Armstrong’s wanted something that blended with, and actually enhanced the natural beauty of their surroundings. They chose textured concrete for their landscaping project to provide2010_Awards pg 12.3 walkways, pool decks, patios and driveways that were functional, durable, low maintenance and blended with their natural surroundings.

There was more than 7,100 square feet of decorative concrete and/or concrete pavers placed on this project, of which 6,500 square feet was textured, embossed concrete achieved using embossing skins. For this project a Rough Stone pattern embossing skin was coupled with Arizona Buff color hardener and Mocha antiquing color release to achieve a look of natural stone. The texture/embossing skins allowed them to replicate the look of natural stone with a2010_Awards pg 11.2 pattern of authentic looking veins and ridges, accented by the color release. Because texture/embossing skins have no joints or bond lines, only face texture, they were able to randomly place the skins in any direction, providing the overall appearance of large sections of natural stone. 250 square feet of concrete border was placed adjacent to brick walls to provide a contrasting accent. A Kona Brown chemical stain was used to color the borders. In addition, there was approximately 400 square feet of Cobblestone pattern concrete pavers interspersed with the other decorative elements on this project.

All of these decorative concrete elements combine to transform a plain, gray concrete surface into a beautiful, unique, realistic looking natural stone surface that harmonizes with the natural beauty that surrounds this residence.2010_Awards pg 11.1