Braun Distributing Parking Lot

Owner: Braun Distributing2007_Awards pg 12.1
Architect: Upper Deck Architects, Inc.
Contractor: Kolling & Kolling, Inc.
Concrete Sub-Contractor: Winn Construction, Inc.
Concrete Supplier: Dickinson Ready Mix Company

Braun Distributing is a beverage and candy wholesaler located in Dickinson, ND. When they decided to build a new 34,000 square feet office and warehouse in north Dickinson, they also decided they wanted it to be a one-time investment, including the parking lot, so concrete was chosen for the parking area because of its low maintenance and long service life. They also wanted a parking area that gives a welcoming first impression to customers and other visitors. The clean, bright concrete parking area does just that while projecting an image of quality and timeliness.Concrete pavement met another important need when Braun Distributing was looking at pavement options.

Braun Distributing receives product by truck with weights all the way to the maximum allowable of 80,000 lbs. There was a concern that heavy truck traffic and the tight turning radiuses required when maneuvering in the lot would tear up the pavement surfaces. Asphalt paving options seem to have difficulty in resisting the abuse these truck tires will dish out. So, with the superior strength and abrasion resistance of concrete, the company will be certain to have the proper solution to this important detail. Selection of concrete for their paving surface also solved another problem with the very flat site. Concrete consistently provides the ability to construct the flattest effective drainage slope for any parking surface. Thus the concrete option solved the problem of moving water away from the building and walkways as quickly and efficiently as possible. This problem of water flow and ice build-up at the overhead doors and in the pedestrian areas should be solved, even when flow distances are large, when concrete is chosen for the parking area surface.  The sidewalk in front of the office was designed to function as a parking curb, which eliminated the need for movable car stops.  The driveways and parking areas were constructed using 6” non-reinforced concrete throughout the entire lot with 12 to 15 foot joint spacing. Concrete was even competitive with other pavement surfaces on a first cost basis. The competitive cost coupled with easier drainage and durability tipped the scale in favor of concrete. This clean, attractive concrete parking area will provide the right approach to this facility for years to come.