Fluffy Fields Vineyard and Winery

Fluffy Fields16 (3) (Large)Owner: Kevin & Deb Kinzel
Building Design: Bosch Lumber
Engineer: CW Structural
Concrete Contractor: Winn Construction
Supplier: Dickinson Ready Mix

Design for Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery started in the spring of 2014, after the wine making hobby of Kevin and Deb Kinzel grew to the point that they needed a space devoted to their hobby. Kevin and Deb saw an opportunity to be a part of the southwest North Dakota regional tourism experience by providing visitors to the
area with the chance to experience our region through the unique wines made from grapes and other fruits grown right here in southwest North Dakota. A major step in that direction was the construction of the 95’ x 60’ winery building with a classic prairie architectural design. In 2015 they broke ground on the building that would be the new home for their venture. Fluffy Fields consists of a 3,000 S.F. lower level and a 5,700 S.F. main level. In keeping with their theme, the complex includes a one acre grape vineyard, one acre of gardens, and a one acre
orchard. The basement contains a bottling room, two separate wine cellars and a private tasting room. All floors received a high level polish before application of stains. The lower level was colored using Burnt Sugar acid stain. The main level contains the main tasting room, an events room, kitchen, office, bathrooms, the fermentation  room, and the crushing pad. A 75% Black Diamond acid stain was used on the floors in the tasting room, events room, and the fermentation room. The women’s bathroom used a Deep Purple acid stain, while the men’s  Fluffy Fields16 (1) (Large)bathroom used a Kelly Green acid stain. The hallways were all done using a New Mexico Blue acid stain. But the numerous acid stain colors aren’t the only decorative concrete features in Fluffy Fields. The main hallway features a waterfall constructed from chicken wire and a pea-gravel concrete mix. The Stream on the waterfall was stained using the same New Mexico Blue that is on the floor, and the natural looking rock (concrete) contained in the  water fall were stained the Burnt Sugar color. The exterior and the wall of the water fall was constructed using a River Rock stone (concrete). As part of the waterfall, a floor mantle was cast using an integral Leather color and antique charcoal release and imprinted with a grape pattern. Imprints were hand painted using an acetone based
Riviera and a Cactus stain. The fireplace located in the tasting room utilizes the same River Rock stone for its hearth and mantle. In the tasting room, the bar tops and the wine barrel table tops were cast using a Split Rock border, a Leather integral color and Charcoal release. The exterior walls of Fluffy Fields was done using a Prairie
Ledgestone Bucks County stone which ties in with the exterior flatwork. This flatwork was done using two Fluffy Fields16 (2) (Large)different integral colors, one release, and three different stamps. A majority of the flatwork was done using a Leather integral color, a charcoal antique release and a plank stamp pattern. Other areas feature a Doeskin integral color with a charcoal antique release and a slate stamp pattern. The outside border has a grape stamp pattern with a charcoal antique release. In total there was approximately 700 cubic yard of 4,000 psi concrete used in this project. Fluffy fields is currently in full swing with the capability of bottling up to 225 gallons of wine a day. The Kinzels have certainly made their dream hobby into reality to say the least. Now the only thing left to do is sit back…. Relax…. And have a glass of wine.