Lyons Residence

Contractor / Designer: Grizzly Construction Services2011_Awards pg 8.1
Concrete Supplier: Dickinson Ready Mix

Jeremy Lyons has designed and placed all types of decorative concrete in this area for the past several years. His projects range from the custom imprinted team logos on grandstand walls at the Southside Municipal Ballpark to chemically stained floors and even custom concrete furniture. So when it came to finishing his own home, he wanted to showcase the types of decorative concrete that he usually creates for others.

The first thing you see when you step into the Lyons home is a ¼” stamped polymer concrete2011_Awards pg 8.2 overlay floor. The entry floor was acid stained with a Mission Brown stain and was textured with an Italian Slate texture skin and cut freehand into a diamond tile pattern. Floors in the kitchen and bathrooms also feature a ¼” stamped polymer concrete overlay which also were stamped with an Italian Slate embossing skin. White Portland Cement was used for the floors and they were colored with Java colored release. The sinks in the bathrooms are concrete sinks which were integrally cast with the counter tops. The counter tops were integrally colored with a San Diego Buff color and accented with Cocoa Brown. The kitchen counter tops include an integrally cast back splash with a Medallion stamp pattern. They were also integrally colored with a San Diego Buff color and a Cocoa Brown accent. All counter tops were precast with #4 rebar and fiber reinforcement throughout. The kitchen island was also fitted with a precast concrete counter top, arced on one side and cast with the same colors and variegated pattern as the other counter tops.

There is more decorative concrete on display when you step into the backyard. The patio was imprinted with an Arizona Flagstone stamp pattern. It was colored using a Dry Shake Arizona Buff color hardener application with a Mocha color release. Weaving all of the different decorative concrete elements together in this home created functional work spaces that still have the look of elegance and serve to enhance the value of the home.