Stark County Veterans Memorial

Owner: Stark County Veterans Memorial Association
Engineer: Boundary Engineering
Designer/ Sculptor: Linda Little
Construction Contractor: Tooz Construction, Inc.
Concrete Contractor: Winn Construction, full book pg7.2
Brick Layer: Ben Sticka
Concrete Supplier: Dickinson Ready Mix

Four years ago when the Stark County Veterans Memorial Committee begin planning this memorial, everyone was excited about the idea. No one could have imagined the spectacular memorial outcome. The memorial plaza utilized colored and textured decorative concrete. An “Ultra Black” integrally colored concrete was used with a charcoal color release to accent the slate stamped pattern. Integral color was also used to color part of the sidewalk that surrounds the plaza and was used at the adjacentnew full book pg7.1 jet aircraft display. Sitting on the surface are eleven solid black granite panels. Each panel weighs 4,440 pounds and stands 8½ feet tall. Holding each of these enormous granite panels in place are 2 solid titanium rod connectors epoxied into the granite.  Other components of the memorial include fourteen black granite benches surrounding the memorial. About 850 personalized bricks inlaid in the memorial commemorate a donor or loved one. Lastly, a 6½ ft. bronze sculpture facing the memorial salutes the eleven granite panels with the names of the service men and women engraved on the panels.

This wasn’t just a project, this was a statement. It is a statement to all of our veterans saying thank you for all of your sacrifices; a statement saying that your sacrifices are very much appreciated. This memorial isn’t just for the veterans or the family of the veterans, it is for everyone. The concrete for this memorial totaled nearly 165 cubic yards of 4,000 psi concrete with a depth of 8 inches. The decorative elements on this project will be enjoyed by the whole community for many years to come. Compliments to the committee and community for a great effort.